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Keiko Uenishi

core operation crew
temporarily in nyc
Keiko Uenishi is a sound art-i-vist, socio/environ composer, and a core member of SHARE.nyc ( http://share.dj/share ) since 2001.  Uenishi is known for her works formed through experiments in restructuring and analyzing one's relationship through sounds in sociological, cultural, and/or psychological environments.  She is currently working on a project towards a doctoral degree at PhD in Practice at Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Partitions: Dividers, Connectors, Gray-zones, Neighbours in Aural Space, an exploration of a “para-sphere” where auditory stimuli sneak over other perceptions, while de-stabilizing relationships, memories, space recognitions and time. Tonight, she will perform CDL: Car décalé (légèrement) - found objects, an experiential/phenomenological sound-performance/installation/method for redefining a space utilizing audio-feedback. The audience are encouraged to walk quietly and/or shift their body positions during the performance. About Uenishi  http://soundleak.org About SHARE.nyc  http://share.dj/share