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Philippe Ollivier

Composer sound designer Logelloop developper

Philippe Ollivier has a diverse musical career and performance experience, from traditional music to contemporary circus. A genuinely iconoclastic bandoneon player who mixes acoustic technique with modern electronics, this self-taught musician creates original compositions for film, theater, contemporary dance and circus spectacles. In association with Christophe Baratay, he developed Logelloop, looper software essential to all his musical compositions. He has created Opium and Alea, both 3d WFS sound installations. in addition, he created Toco la Toccata, a solo spatialized piece for bandoneon and Logelloop. In 2018 he composed, Tubulus, a solo piece for young audiences. He is the resident Max instructor at the Brest University Master of Images and Sound program (ISB). 

Philippe Ollivier is presenting and performing with the financial support of Spectacle vivant en Bretagne.